Man is born curious. His investigation about himself and about everything that he sees around starts from his very childhood. The child who eagerly breaks open his toy to discover what is inside is a symbolisation of manwho is impatient to discover the reality and cause behind this universe. The scientists who study the unending universe and the sophisticated atoms, too, have this very stimulant as their objective.


Knowledge can be classified into two- tangible or apparent knowledge and spiritual knowledge. The first one is that which can be acquired by anyone. Scientific knowledge comes under this category. It wouldn't be wrong if it is named sensation or perceptible knowledge. Experience is its basis. Referring tangible or apparent knowledge to sensation or perceptible knowledge doesn't chain it up in the five sensationa


Allah is the creator of the entire universe...the creator of every minute as well as massive phenomenon...the creator of each and every object from atoms to constellations. Man's search for reasons behind every phenomena and every fact comes to an end in Him who is beyond any reason. He is the ultimate destination of all queries. Since every object in this universe, however small or big, demands a reason


Since godly entity is beyond human inference, how can we know and understand Him? The holy Quran directs man to brood over the blessings He gifted us and to realise His qualities thereby knowing Him. Quran introduces Allah through adjectives that spread light over His characteristics. Through these information that the Quran puts forward, it is possible for anyone to understand His characteristics within his intellectua


Islamic perspective enlightens two categories of truth- the creator and creations- Allah, the creator and the rest His creations. Nothing in this entire universe can equal the creator. Allah's entity is supreme and ultimate; He is the unrivalled and the unique; The invincible and the infallible; The extremely powerful and the All knower; He is the noble creator of the whole universe; The one on whom every creature depends


Every creation in the universe is in search of an instigator. Man is no exception to this fact. He seeks the cause behind every phenomenon and every occurrence. There isn't a single phenomenon or particle that is absolutely self-explanatory to be beyond all quests. Without excluding even a minute


Islam is a religion of pure monotheism, or, in other words, the worship of The One and only true God-know as “Allah” in Arabic. Islam is also a religion of many great Prophets and Messengers, one of whom is Jesus (peace be upon him), a man whose name is

The Financial Crisis, the Islamic Solution

This Book History of Economic Analysis, Joseph Schumpeter says that as far as economics is concerned the Middle Ages were desiccated and infertile. This is convincing, if you still believe in the myth that the wizards of European Enlightenment magically and single-handedly resurrected the dead science of philosophy, the empirical method, and all the arts from their ancient Greco-Roman crypts. The

The Roots of Financial Crisis, An Islamic Analysis

BANGLADESH-BORN AMARTYA SEN wrote The Argumentative Indian in 2005, seven years after winning the Noble Prize in Economics. His purpose seems to have been to condemn the communal violence fueled by the new Hindu cultural chauvinism as foreign to Indian history and identity, and to advocate for a return to native traditions of intellectual pluralism and public debate. Yet many of his arguments


It is not amazing that a Muslim will never eat pork because it is haram(unlawful); never marry his mother or sister becasue it is also haram, yet that same person has no problem devouring riba (e.g. interest, usury)? Did you know that engaging in riba is a major sin

About The Quran

The term which the Qur'an has employed to refer to revealed scripture is Al-Kitab which, in turn, simply means ‘the Scripture'. The Qur'anic view is that the religious scripture consists of the revelations made to the messenger by the Lord Creator Himself.