35) How can the code of right conduct prescribed by the Qur’an stand
as the proof for it’s divinity ?

Man is the only creature who has been facilitated with the ability
to act independently in his relation with both nature and society. His
actions can prove to be useful and harmful as well. In contrast with
the other creatures – who compulsorily follow the laws described by
their own genetic code and thereby attain to the object of their life –
he is to conform to certain laws and commandments for his very
existence and survival. It is certain, therefore, that conformation to
these laws leads to his own well being while non-conformance to his
own destruction.
Which are these laws and recommendations ? Which are the
commandments that would serve to brighten up human life and
existence? It was to instruct people in these that the messengers were
appointed. They presented before the people the example of their own
lives which had been cleansed owing to their conformance with the
divine commandments. In addition to this, the scripture that contained
the divine commandments were also revealed through them. It was
these scriptures and the messengers, who confronted the people with
them, who provided a faultless knowledge of good and evil. Messengers
of God have been sent all places of human habitation in the world. It
is, therefore, that the foundations of the moral code prevalent in different
nations of the world are one and the same.
Arrogance is the most despicable of satanic traits. It is from
arrogance that selfishness, too, finds its origins. Man is eminently
capable of so transforming everything that surrounds him in such
fashion that it suits his own interests. Indeed, nothing – not even the
things material and spiritual – is free from this influence. In the case
of the religious scriptures, too, this has been the end result. The prophets
interpreted the scripture according to divine revelations. Their
successors ought to have followed them loyally. However, priests and
other men of religion, who appeared in the guise of loyalists in later
years injected into the religious texts, as well as the practices taught
by the messengers, accretions which were of their own making and
which also helped to serve their own selfish interests. They, thus,
rewrote the religious laws and perverted the tradition of the prophets
to serve their own interests. It, thus, became difficult to follow the
dictates of the religious texts. The messengers were shown not as
role models who were to be emulated. For this reason, today, we feel
the laws and commandments described in the books that come with a
religious covering, to be impracticable.
A code of law that will serve to civilise and to purify the minds
of men and which is practicable as well, can only be formulated by
divine guidance . It is here that all materialistic ideologies fail. They
appear on the scene with solutions seemingly for all the travails of
mankind. Furthermore, their recommendation will appear, more often
that not, to be perfect on paper. However, when tested at a practical
level they end up being mere idiosyncrasies. The fact that is thus
highlighted here is that it is only the Creator of man himself who is
able to provide a legislation that will serve to cleanse him and bepracticable as well.
It is because of this limitation that communism, which was seen
as the hope of the twentieth century, was forced to retire into the dust
– bin of ideologies by the last decade of that century itself. Those who
seek to learn the lesson that emanates from this fall will do well to
appreciate the fact that no matter how strong the theoretical foundations
on which they are based, no philosophy of materialism can ever hope
to provide the lasting provision of guidance that may effectively cleanse
Besides this, there is another reality that may also come in for
appreciation. This is the fact that the book which does provide for a
wholly practicable legislation and also cleanses humanity as well will
be divine in itself. This is why it is said that the provision of guidance
of the Holy Qur’an constitute the very proof of its divine nature. There
is no difference of opinion over the fact that the legislations put forward
by the Qur’an does, indeed, serve to make men morally conscious and
righteous individuals. This is a reality that has been admitted even by
die-hard materialists as well. It has been recognized by impartial
observers who have studied the subject that if the obligation of a religious
scripture is the guidance of humanity then there can be no book that
deserves to be called a religious scripture like the Qur’an.

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