39) It is seen that Muslim traditions, too, attest the correctness of the
descriptions of many of the sins that have been attributed to the
prophets by the Bible. Is it not to be understood from this that
Muslims also consider that they did, indeed, commit sins ?

The most important of all the sources of Islam is, undoubtedly,
the Holy Qur’an; which is immediately followed by the practices of
the Prophet. After Prophet Muhammad (), if any one – no matter
who that person may be – were to speak out on an essentially religious
topic, it could be accepted as binding if, and only if, it is seen to be in
consonance with the ruling of the Qur’an and the Prophetic traditions.
The Qur’an has clearly stated that all the prophets had been exemplary
personalities. Furthermore, there are extant numerous sayings of the
Prophet which speak of the great purity of their lives. It is, however,
true that biblical tales and the other legends of Israel have, indeed
found a place of their own in the books authored by Muslim writers in
later ages. True Muslims do not accept any of these as sources that
are either relevant or authentic. In fact, Muslims believe that the
messengers of God were all men of the most exemplary nature.

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