7.The Qur’an’s style of presentation….?

The Qur’an contains within itself the words of the Lord Creator. Mankind is the subject of its exhortation and address. It is not the discursive style of the other ordinary books which the Qur’an adopts. The style the Qur’an does adopt is not merely the assertive style of scientific books or the discursive style of the history books or the narrative style of the books of literature. However, the Qur’an does accept all of these styles. The Qur’an does not assert the required
point by elaborating on the branches and sub-branches of a selected central topic. The Qur’an’s has not been a method in which the subject is first determined on the basis of which is then divided the various chapters and sub-titles. It is in a very haphazard manner that a varied assortment of subjects are dealt within its pages.
It can be safely said that the style of the Qur’an is one by whichit successfully communicates with those who are being addressed by it. The Qur’an teaches man the path to salvation. To that end, it does employ the lessons of science and history. Glad tidings as well as stern warnings – both find their way in between its other verses. It convinces one of the reward which is to be had in following the true path and of the dire consequences that ensue from going against it. It calls for man’s recognition of the truth of its message by way of his casting his eyes over his surroundings and of employing the faculties of his
intelligence and reasoning. It is in an entirely mixed form that all of these injunctions have come together. It is in the interest of those who are addressed that the Lord Himself has adopted this style. Indeed, this style has proved effective in making its appeal felt within the human society which consists of both the intellectuals as well as the ordinary people. To approach the Qur’an, as one would, a book of science or history, without proper appreciation of this special and particular style, would be to do little justice to the satisfactory comprehension of its contents.

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