9. What are the evidences in favour of the Qur’an being a divine Sripture?

Given below is a list of some of the evidences in support of the divine nature of the Qur’an:

1. It , itself, declares that it is a divine Scripture

2. It shall remain unchanged upto the Last Day.

3. The path of right conduct that it prescribes is faultless.

4. It is practicable.

5. The history that it teaches is faultless and honest.

6. Its literature is incomparable.

7. The prophecies made in it can be seen to have come true.

8. The references in it to the varied phenomena of nature, as representing the signs of God, are free of controversies.

9. There is no reference, whatsoever, of an unscientific nature in it.

10. It is free of all contradictions.

11. None has been able to take up the challenge it poses when it calls forth all, and any, to produce an equivalent of at least one of its chapters.

12. The person who was appointed with it in the world was himself of a truthful and selfless nature.

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