72) What is the evidence in favour of the Qur’an being a practicable book?

The greatest proof for the Qur’an being a practicable book isthe very revolution that has been wrought by it. If we examine the condition of Arabia before and after the revelation of the Qur’an, we will be convinced of the practicable nature of the Qur’an. It was a society which was steeped in the darkness of blind superstitions; which was enslaved to the addiction to wine and intoxicants; which showed not the least hesitation in the spilling of blood over senseless conflicts to assert tribal superiority; which was nowhere in the matter of knowledge and learning; which was ignorant in the field of health care; which remained backward in the field of agriculture; which lacked cohesiveness as a political and military bloc.
This was the state of Arabia before the revelation of the Qur’an. When we look upon the Arabia after the revelation of the Qur’an, however, it is the picture of the standard bearers of a civilization that challenged, in its greatness, all the other civilizations of the day, which we witness. Indeed, they had attained such prominence as to stand higher that the Greeks who were the masters of the day in the fields of science and arts. Alexandria was soon replaced by Baghdad as the greatest centre of learning and culture. Furthermore, they now caused to tremble even the empires of Rome and Persia both of which had enjoyed the legacy of political leadership that were centuries old. The Arabs, who engaged in unjustifiable tribal warfare and the wanton spilling of blood, had now emerged as the flag bearers of unity and cohesiveness. Not having known what morality and immorality were, they now became the chief propagators of a moral code. The Holy Qur’an had truly succeeded in remoulding Arabian society into one which would prove to be a model for the whole world; and that too within the span of only 23 years.
The Qur’an has, thus, been a book that enabled an entire race, which had been nowhere in the fields of culture and civilization, to attain the very pinnacle of human development within the short span of twenty- three years. In fact, there has not been another book that equals it in so transforming a whole race. The fact becomes abundantly clear here that there has not been any other writing like the Qur’an which has proved to be as practicable in guiding humanity to the path of righteousness. In reality, none of the critics of the Qur’an has been able to prove the non-practicability of any of the laws enshrined in it, in an impartial and truthful manner.

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