85) Why does the Qur’an’s perspective differ the stand of the modernscience of criminology which holds that it is necessary to adopt a sympathetic approach towards criminals?

Now it is very often seen that those who used to speak of the necessity of a sympathetic approach towards criminals admit defeat in presenting a practical plan of action for making a peacefulsociety that is free of crime, and cruelties. Those who demand sympathy for criminals never worry about the sorrowful plight of those forced to bear great losses due to these crimes. The innocents who, for no reason or fault of theirs,unexpectedly lose their lives.
The people who are stripped of their life’s earnings for which they had toiled and suffered indescribable hardships. The bonds of the family that are shattered by the wayward lifestyle of a mate. The children of the street who, with no one to care for them, have been forced to earn their bread by begging.
Families that suffer hardships and break apart owing to the alcoholism of the head of the family. Is it the victims of such grievances or is it the cruel, impudent and irresponsible perpetrators of these crimes who require a sympathetic treatment? For it is not possible to adopt such an attitude in both the cases simultaneously. The view of Islam is that it is the victim of these crimes, who suffers the resulting privations, who is in need of the sympathetic approach. Indeed, Islam holds that it is only such an attitude which is humane and it is only the laws that are based on such a vision which can successfully free men from the cultures and horrors of crime.It is now made clear thatthis is the right approach and it is so that it should be.

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